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5.-jouluk-2009 11:17 pm(ei otsikkoa)
You know you're in a dodgy area of Panama when the grocery store has metal detectors and armed guards and your bodyguards still don't let you wander out of sight once you are in there.
15.-marrask-2009 02:22 pm(ei otsikkoa)
Movember is moustache month but now all I get is "Spreken zie Deutsch Yaahh?" I'm going to have to shave this thing.

Also, last week I helped kill a rainbow. Literally. It was really cool and sad at the same time yet surprisingly delicious.
16.-lokak-2009 08:05 pm(ei otsikkoa)
Soon to achieve my second Order of the Rock, I am most looking forward to getting the Oder of the Ditch followed soon after with Shellback status confirmed by King Neptune Himself.
11.-syysk-2009 10:31 pm(ei otsikkoa)
I can't remember the last time I was this giddy and shaking like a little school girl.

All I can say is the sequel has so much potential.
20.-elok-2009 02:39 am(ei otsikkoa)
Until tonight I've never had to answer a question with "my damn stalker".
28.-heinäk-2008 11:23 pm(ei otsikkoa)
umm... Josh? There's a beaver swimming across our road.

"Full Speed Ahead"

Aye Captain.
19.-kesäk-2008 02:40 am(ei otsikkoa)
RIP /b/
14.-maalisk-2008 01:12 am - Oh shit.
22.-marrask-2007 03:46 am(ei otsikkoa)
It's been a while. Where should I start...

4.-lokak-2007 04:50 am(ei otsikkoa)
So I'm out for my 3 am jog. As I'm going down York st. this car pulls up beside me and stops. I jog by. The car slowly drives past me and stops again, the driver raping me with his eyes. I jog by. He slowly drives by me again and stops. This continues for almost half a kilometer until he yells something to me. I don't hear what he says so I move closer and ask him to repeat. "garble barble Paul Garble". I move closer. He looks kinda like Elton John.
"I'm sorry i didn't hear what you said".
The driver "You wanna get blown?"
Me:"No thank you"
He drives on casually.
I continue to jog feeling oh so unclean.

30 min later he drives by me again, slowing right down as he passes me.

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